Janice Milhem

Janice Milhem is a self-taught, photojournalist seeking to uncover compelling human stories. Her interests are to learn about people who are much different than her and to connect with them through a friendly, disarming demeanor. Janice’s subjects come from a wide spectrum of lifestyles and communities, mostly within urban city centers. I’m drawn to learning and understanding more about my subjects, their lives, challenges, and points of view by way of thoughtful dialog and my camera lens. Her most recent projects on dogs and their humans, Dogs of Ann Arbor’s Old West Side allowed her to explore her own neighborhood through dogs and dog ownership within her own town. “I strive to connect with my subjects in a way that will help both me and viewers to understand and appreciate their worlds in a more meaningful manner, by exploring how they live, how they work, and how they play. What I have uncovered from many of my shoots is my continuous interest in people and the realization that, no matter how different my subjects may look and act on the outside, there are many ways we all can find reasons to connect on the inside”. Janice has exhibited her photographs regionally and has been awarded several honors for her work through the Scarab Club, American Society of Media Photography -ASMP and Photo District News - PDN.

Detroit's Wisest

Remarkable seniors who have lived through the good and bad with a relentless spirit and faith in Detroit’s comeback.