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Doc DET Presents: Devin Allen and Cydni Elledge

Join Us at Red Bull House of Art for an evening of photography and conversation, featuring presentations by Devin Allen (Independent Photographer based in Baltimore, MD) and Cydni Elledge (Independent Photographer and 2016 Documenting DETROIT Fellow). The event will be hosted by Karah Shaffer and Alan Chin of Documenting DETROIT. 

Devin Allen was born and raised in West Baltimore. He gained national attention when his photograph of the Baltimore Uprising was published on the cover of Time in May 2015 – only the third time the work of an amateur photographer had been featured. His photographs have also appeared in New York Magazine, the New York Times, the Washington Post, and Aperture, and in the permanent collections of the National Museum of African American History & Culture, the Reginald F. Lewis Museum, and the Studio Museum in Harlem. He is the founder of Through Their Eyes, a youth photography educational program, and the winner of the 2017 Gordon Parks Foundation Fellowship. 

Cydni Elledge is a Detroit-based photographer and 2016 Documenting DETROIT Fellow. During the Fellowship, Elledge created a collection of portraits of Black youth ages 9-22. She says, "It is my goal that with these portraits, you can see these young men for who they really are. To look in their eyes and see their potential and who God truly created them to be. Black men are becoming an endangered species as the system, gun violence, and privileged police officers are taking them from their families, their futures, and any chance of redemption. Every black man is not a murderer, a gangster, or a criminal, as society has stereotyped them. They are judged, and placed in a small negative box created by society that tries to tame their growth. Put yourself in the shoes of these young men, growing up where the world is against you, being guilty until proven innocent, and never having a fair shot because of preconceived notions. Place yourselves in the shoes of their parents and loved ones, praying that they don’t get pulled over, hoping they always use their turn signal, calling repeatedly until they answer, constantly living in fear because of how devalued they are. Though the world strips them of their humanity, they ARE someones son, brother, cousin, friend, employer, etc. Take a moment and attempt to set aside what the world has taught you, and see them as I do."

Red Bull House of Art is a live-in residency experience in Detroit, dedicated to providing visual artists the freedom and space to create. Our aim is to support courageous exploration in visual arts. The Red Bull House of Art invites select artists from around the world to take up official residency in Detroit to work for three months with three residencies taking place a year. Throughout the residency, the House opens its doors for community-focused events, powerful exhibitions and artist talks, before concluding with an exhibition of the residents’ work.