Erik Paul Howard

Erik Paul Howard is a photographer as well as co-founder of Inside Southwest Detroit, Young Nation, and The Alley Project in southwest Detroit.  He combines his passions for youth and community development with his love of photography.  Through cultural and place-based activities such as lowriding and street art, Erik has been building with neighbors and youth in southwest Detroit for over 20 years.  

Erik’s photography documents his and others' personal relationships and interactions in community. It captures the excitement of people in processes of development, discovery, and general life experiences.

Toll of the Road

“Toll of the Road” – Life Behind the Wheel as An Owner-Operator

Increasing truck traffic prompts local concerns about safety, congestion, and pollution.

But a generation of immigrant southwest Detroiters is taking advantage of the economic opportunity the industrial landscape offers. They are supporting each other in entrepreneurship and mentoring on their way into the middle class.


Erik's photographs were published in the July 7, 2017 Detroit Free Press online