Danya Ensing

Danya Ensing is an emerging Canadian artist whose work has been exhibited internationally in New York, the United Kingdom, Sweden, and Japan. She received a BFA from the Ontario College of Art & Design in 2015. Danya’s artistic practice is shaped by her skillful and accomplished knowledge of film and darkroom techniques. She approaches photographs as physical objects to be created and perfected with the hands, processing and printing her own pictures whenever possible. This physicality of creation is integrated into her handmade projects, incorporating a fusion of mediums such as printmaking, bookbinding, collage, and photography. Thematically, her work references personal narratives, examining her ontological relationship with home, environment, and landscape.

DETROIT is an outsider’s documentation of an ontological experience in the urban space, navigating the complex social, economic, and political terrain. The body of work guides the viewer to explore how the artist engages in, discovers, and learns about the 21st century post-industrial environment. Ultimately, Danya seeks to show the dichotomies, absurdities, and beauty of the city she now called home.